Keybank 3.0 and higher

How to install older Keybank installation in Windows Vista:

Keybank version 3.2.15 and older, are not compatible with Windows Vista, but if you have one of these older Keybank disks, you can still take advantage of the user license on it.

To do this you need is the original old Keybank disk and the "Windows Vista for older keybanks-download".

To install the Keybank on Windows Vista, unzip and run the downloaded installation. Follow the instructions of the installation program. At one point the installation process asks you for the original installation CD of your old version. Insert the old disk and continue the process to the end.

Now you have a working Keybank on Windows Vista.

Keybank up to version 2.00

Export employees from a Ms Excel table to import in Keybank

Little explanation on how to export from a Ms Excel table of employees and how to import it in Keybank.

Download (Size 1kb)