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Technical support

Here you will be able to look up and view information that will help you in the use of our programs.


Report import

Description about how to setup reports in Planner.

Download (Size 50kb)

Superlock Standard

NB! Change in Superlock file format!

Please note that as of version 7.90 the Superlock file format has been changed. This has been done to make the file format even more secure. This new version can, of course, read all existing Superlock files, but older versions of the program cannot read the new format. So to make sure that you can exchange lock system files between different Superlock installations (or to ensure that all workstations in a network can read the files) please update all you Superlock installations to the version 7.90.

Network installation

A guide on how to install Superlock on both work station and server in a network environment.

Download (Size 6 kb)

Report generator

A guide on how to use the build in report generator in Superlock for setting up customized reports.

Download (Size 533 kb)

Information guide

A general description of how to work with Superlock.

Download (Size 887 kb)

Installing Superlock on Win7 virtual PC

A guide on how to install a virtual XP mode on Windows 7 for running Superlock.

Download (Dongle protected version)(Size 1.414 kb)

Download (Software protected version)(Size 1.240 kb)

Keybank 3.0 and higher

How to install older Keybank installation in Windows Vista:

Keybank version 3.2.15 and older, are not compatible with Windows Vista, but if you have one of these older Keybank disks, you can still take advantage of the user license on it.

To do this you need is the original old Keybank disk and the "Windows Vista for older keybanks-download".

To install the Keybank on Windows Vista, unzip and run the downloaded installation. Follow the instructions of the installation program. At one point the installation process asks you for the original installation CD of your old version. Insert the old disk and continue the process to the end.

Now you have a working Keybank on Windows Vista.

Keybank up to version 2.00

Export employees from a Ms Excel table to import in Keybank

Little explanation on how to export from a Ms Excel table of employees and how to import it in Keybank.

Download (Size 1kb)