About our company

A2 Software is a software developing company that specializes in programs for the locking industry. We have been in business since 1986. A2 was founded in Denmark under the name Elcon, but now we have our office in Cambrils, Spain, about an hour’s drive south of Barcelona.

Our range of programs spans from planning a lock system for architects and builders, over calculating it, at the lock factory, to key control software for the owner of the lock system. In other words, we have programs which can support a lock system in all phases of its life.

The best known program from A2 is the SUPERLOCK, which was the first general lock system calculation program on the market and the program which a large number of cylinder manufacturers, distributors, etc. are using today to calculate their master key lock systems.

Standard and special software development

Currently we are working, primarily with making software, adding new features to programs, but also giving training classes and technical support. The main part of the development work is done for standard programs, but we also implement special functions for various companies, on request.

All the changes and additions that we make in the programs are partly based on our own extensive knowledge about what is required from an efficient lock system software, but also on the feedback we get from all the lock system experts within each of the many locking companies that we work closely together with. This ensures a high quality and relevance of our products.

Our products

Our main products are:

Planner - Planning/designing a lock system

Superlock - Planning/designing, calculation and manufacturing lock systems

Keybank - Key- and access control

All our programs can exchange lock system information with each other; you can import / export between any A2 programs that you are using.

With our standard programs we can handle almost any type of cylinder. And because we today have such a good software platform, as well as a long experience with lock systems, we can often, with small adjustments in our standard programs, fulfill the customers need for special functions in a very economical way, compared to the cost of developing an entirely new program.

We also make it possible for our customers to personalize the programs with back ground images and with logos and additional information. Our customers often resell the programs to their own customers and for this reason, they like that the programs have a personal touch.