Download Superlock II

Here you can download the latest version of the Superlock II program. The same download file is valid for running as DEMO, Superlock II Std. or Superlock Mini.

The prerequisites for the program are: Windows 7 to Windows 11 / 4 GB RAM / Internet connection / MS Office (for creating and editing reports) / .net 4.7.2.

After you have installed the program, you can choose to start the program as a DEMO (30 days free for validation), to update previously installed Superlock II or as a new installation of a purchased Superlock II.


If you run the program as a DEMO, it will work exactly like a Superlock II Mini for 30 days. Keep in mind that the difference between a Superlock II Mini and a full version of Superlock II is only that the Mini is limited to 200 Key- and Cylinder lines.

After 30 days, the DEMO program will stop functioning. If you choose to buy a Superlock II, your DEMO program will be activated as the Superlock II version you purchased. All MKS systems you have made in the DEMO program can then be opened in your new Superlock II.

Update of Superlock II

If you have a Superlock II installed, you can always update to the latest version from this page, free of charge for versions numbered on your Superlock II, starting at Ver. 1.x.x. We are constantly working on improvements and new features in Superlock II and we recommend that you, as a user of the application, always try to use the latest version. What's new in the latest version, you can read here in our

Superlock II Release Notes of the program.

NOTE! You cannot update an older version of Superlock (ver.7.x.x) with this version. If you would you like to update an older Superlock, you must purchase an upgrade, please see info in Products / Superlock II or contact us.

Installation of purchased Superlock II

If you have purchased a Superlock II, download the latest version from this page and when you start it for the first time, enter the activation code you have received by email.

To download the application, fill in the data in the form and press the SUBMIT button.

NOTE! When registering the program, whether it is a DEMO or a real version, please type in the correct information. Otherwise we will not be able to support you or update your program, later on.