Price list 2021

All prices in Euros

Superlock II

In the initial price for a new Superlock II license (Ref: 43000), is included:

  • Help to start up the program via phone/email or visiting our office in Cambrils (up to 4 hours help/support). Additional support can be purchased separately.
  • Free updates to the latest version during 1 year, which can be downloaded directly from our web site.

A license is for one installation in one workstation. The second license for a workstation in the same network has a reduced price.

All programs listed here are protected with electronic license key.

Superlock II – Std
One license Ref: 43000
2.250,- €
Second license in the same network
Ref. 43005
1.090,- €
Upgrade Old Superlock to Superlock II
Ref: 43010 950,- €

Superlock II – Mini (200 keys and 200 Cyl.)
One license Ref: 43100
1.125,- €
Second license in the same network
Ref. 43105
625,- €
Upgrade Old Superlock Mini to Superlock II Mini
Ref: 43110 475,- €
Upgrade Old Superlock Mini or Superlock II Mini to Superlock II - Std.
Ref: 43150
1.125,- €

Additional Superlock Support (minimum price, one hour) Ref: 43200
65,- €

All prices excluding value added tax.