Superlock II

Superlock II is a program for planning, calculation and administration of Master Key Systems (MKS).

It is developed with the latest programming tools, so that it is compatible with the latest Windows versions (32 and 64 bit).

Superlock II can read and import lock systems from earlier program versions, such as Planner and Superlock 16 bit. When upgrading from an earlier Superlock for Windows, you can import all existing lock systems into the new Superlock II.

The program is available in several versions; the most common ones are the Standard and Mini versions where the only differences are the number of key- and cylinder lines that can be created in a lock system, and the price.

You can say that the Superlock II Mini is a limited version Superlock II Standard for lock smiths that do not need to create lock systems which are larger than 200 key- and cylinder codes.

We also have other versions that are especially adapted for other lock manufacturers, lock types production, security etc… For more information on these, please contact us.

Superlock II:

    • It is the perfect program for calculation and administration of MKS with up to 16 pins.
    • It can calculate key cutting and cylinder pinning in systems with either a single or multiple profiles.
    • Type in keys, cylinders and accesses in the lock chart and Superlock will handle the calculation of the keys and cylinders.
    • When modifying a system, Superlock calculates the extensions and inserts the changes. It will also check for illegal keys, keys without access and illegal accesses etc... The master key is checked to ensure that the same master key code is not used in two different systems. You can see the cylinder build, create a list for printing, or send the information to a cutting/assembly machine.
    • With Superlock you can setup your own profile sets and make Superlock assign the profiles to each key and cylinder. You can type in key codes manually or leave it to Superlock to calculate them, automatically.
    • You can type in keys manually, plan a later extension, make new extensions or recode existing lock systems.
    • You can receive systems from Planner, calculate them and return them to the same Planner or to a Keybank for administration of keys and cylinders.
    • The program takes advantage of MS Excel for printing reports. These reports can be created or modified in Excel, with all the data fields from a lock system and including your company logo. The data for the reports can be transferred from Superlock to Excel, where it can be previewed or printed.
    • Superlock is available in the following languages: *Danish, English, *French, *German and Spanish. (*not translated 100%; some parts still in English)

Superlock II is a powerful tool for professional key and lock manufacturer and is mainly focused on Lock factories / lock smiths.

Superlock II Demo

You can try out the Superlock II Demo, without any cost for 30 days, to see how it works.

The only limitation in the Demo is the same as for the Superlock II Mini, meaning that you can only create 200 key lines and 200 cylinder lines.

For more information please go to Products/Superlock II/Download

Upgrade old Superlock to Superlock II

If you own an older Superlock, either for Windows or DOS, you can buy and upgrade for the Superlock II. In order to get this new program for the lower upgrade price, you must return the dongle from the old program, to us. Or, in case you are using a license key, you have to state this license key, when you order the upgrade.

The conversion of your old Superlock systems can be done by you, if you have a relative new version of the Superlock. But it you have a very old version, or have any doubts about how handle it, please contact us and we will assist you with the conversion.