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New Superlock coming together nicely

05 Jul 2018
by A2 Software

We have, for a while now, been working on a brand new version of the Superlock, build from the ground up, called Superlock II. This version has been anticipated by many Superlock users and has been high on our own wish list, as well.

Now we can finally see the end of the development and the testing of this new product. Since it is a brand new program, there have been a lot of design questions to answer and a lot of testing to be done. We are still in the testing phase, but it is getting really close now.

There are still some final details to get in place such as languages, copy protection and certification, besides the final testing, and we are working intensely on those topics.

Is it compatible?

The most common question we get, when people hear that it is a totally new program, is: “Can it read all my existing lock system files?” The answer is “Yes”. The new Superlock II is backwards compatible, so reading in old lock systems will run just as smoothly as today.

We will keep you apprised of our progress as things develop.

Happy Summer!